Make your staycation super special with our extras. We've got you covered, whatever the occasion. 



The time has come and we are happy to announce that Hayley is starting to offer facials at the farm. The lounge has been transformed into a treatment room. Whether you are staying at the farm or are local and want to pop up for an hours peace and quiet. We have your pampering escape sorted.
It is our mission to continue to find ways to be more sustainable. With that in mind we have picked the wonderful upcircle beauty products to give you a facial reset.

We are excited to start using @upcirclebeauty at Croft’s Farm. UpCircle Beauty is the UK’s No.1 upcycled beauty brand, designed with sustainability in mind, is cruelty-free and created using recycled ingredients. Their products have delicious & luxurious spa aromas and will leave your skin feeling fresh, rejuvenated and glowing.

UpCircle have rescued over 400 tonnes of coffee ground alone! The other incredible ingredients they have repurposed and rescued from landfill are, Fruit waters-Date seeds-Maple bark-Argan shells-Coffee oil-Olive stones-Blueberry extract



If you would like to book Hayley in whilst you visit, email us direct  and we will be happy to assist!



As a Sound Alchemist, Healer and Ceremonial Facilitator I love creating a space to support, empower and guide you through transformation

welcoming you home to your divinity.  

Cacao & Sound Alchemy

Sacred Sound Journey

Crystal Cleanse

Intuitive Energy Enhancer

Through all my offerings we create a beautifully nurturing safe space using scared ceremonial practices.  This  allows you to surrender to this precious moment of healing and transformation.  

I guide you to a relaxed, soulful place through meditation, sound and energy healing. Transmuting the stored stagnant energies, anxiety, fears, and tension, whilst welcoming in pure cleansing vibrations to soothe the soul. 

No two experiences are the same, each journey is unique and invites you to come home to your divinity.

Luna provides her wonderful Blessings here at The Croft Farm escape for all of our guests ranging from individuals, couples to large groups that stay. Get in touch to arrange Luna to join you on your visit.


This isn't your usual glampsite. Relax to your fullest with our range of treatments and therapies to soothe mind, body and soul. 


Holistic Swedish massage £60 - 1 h

(beautiful relaxing massage helping releasing muscle knots,stretch tight ligaments and help relaxation)

Hot Stone massage £60 - 1h 
The heat of the stones warms skin and muscles which allows relief pain,improve blood flow and relieve stress

Back,neck,shoulder £35 - 30min
Combination of Swedish and deep tissue massage to relax mind and body

Chair massage £35 - 30min
Designed to take the weight of the spine and give access to head ,neck,back and shoulders and arms . It can be done over clothes or with oils. Helps reduce anxiety and stress and relieve muscle pain. 

If you would like to add a massage treatment to your stay then please feel free to drop an email or contact Mia the Masseuse direct on: 07860 837301


Whether you want to learn self-defence, you're interested in the discipline of martial arts, or you're a Karate Kid fan, our friend & neighbour, Sensei Tom, is your man.  

Tom is a seventh Dan in Goju and is graded in two other Martial Art styles.

He's been teaching for over 40 years... he's written several books and is a healer and hypnotherapist amongst other things.

We could go on... you have to experience Sensei Tom in his dojo across the road for yourself. 

The price is the same whether its just you or a group - the more the merrier!

Or if you're staying on a Sunday, Monday or Thursday, drop into his group classes for just £10.


Save on the luggage and plan for a fuss-free stay with fresh, local produce awaiting you on arrival. And why not treat yourselves to some fizz or our draft Asahi beer.