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Tailored Corporate Wellness Retreats

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Our services include

Our programs are unique and customised to fit your specific organisational objectives. We offer a range of activities, from overnight stays and team building days to week-long retreats. 

Yoga Workshop

Our in-house Yoga Instructors are available to hire for your retreat. 
Simply let us know your schedule and choose from a range of yoga classes. 
These classes will be held in our in-house yoga studio. 

Ice Bath & Forest Sauna 

We have a very own cold water immersion classes ran from our cold water tub in our forest spa area.
This will be a guided cold water dip with our in house facilitators. 
After your team will be guided in to the beautiful forest wood sauna to relax in our spa area. 

Guided Hikes 

Experience a customised  winter adventure with a private guide.
Ourguides will take you on a journey through breathtaking landscapes and magnificent works of art, situated amidst stunning countryside.



& Sound Healing Class

We run in-house breathwork and sound healing classes. 
If you're looking for a way to bring your  tbody back to equilibrium, breathwork may be just what you need.

Creative Wellbeing Workshops

Collaborating to Find the Perfect Wellbeing Workshop for You
Let's work together to determine the best option for your wellbeing workshops.
Whether it's a heart-opening meditation, a cacao ceremony, an inner child workshop, or a creative arts and crafts workshop – we've got you covered.
Just let us know!

Retreat Chef Included 

Our on-site chef is an Ayurvedic vegetarian expert who is also a certified nutritionist. You can enjoy the finest catering services for your retreat with confidence.



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