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yoga with darren

Yoga At
The Farm

Yoga Wellness Schedule

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    1 hr

    10 British pounds

"At The Farm we believe self-care is essential, and what better way to show yourself some love than through the practice of yoga"


Weekly Yoga Sessions 

Yoga On The Farm 

We lovingly crafted our yoga shala, known as the Maloca, using reclaimed wood from the iconic Heathrow airport stage. This brought joy and laughter to many, and we knew it would enhance the charm of our beautiful healing studio.

Each session is priced at £10 for individual reservation this is to ensure accessibility by maintaining modest fees, welcoming all aspiring yogis to our enchanted realm.

  • Loading days...

    1 hr

    10 British pounds

Thank you for just Coming as you are 
Were are equal and our own shooting star
together in union united as we flow 
As we detach from our thoughts and drop the internal ego 
As long as comfortable there is no right or wrong way 
It's not just a practice we treat it as play 
We don't just teach from the books let love fills up the file 
And if you can please remember to just smile 
If you can all do your best to stay still and hold space 
And relax switch off, but keep that smile on your face 
We are creating an collective energetic grid 
new prana sweeps through, stagnant energies we got rid
That’s the power of this beautiful sangha 
We are all as one, lying next to each other 
This Maloka can be our church but you no need to confess sins
Purify ours souls just like Cleaning at the bins 
This is  the time Go from thinking to feeling 
Where are hearts open up and we rejoice in healing 
so enjoy the moment in savassan corpse pose 
bring the awareness back into the body and wiggle your toes

Darren, Yoga Poem 

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